Saturday 21 9 2019

Vicuna #34 : Ari Goldman

Cheaper tickets:
10.00 euro

Price at the door: 20.00 euro

Saturday 12 10 2019

FFORMATT STORY NIGHT : Pender Street Steppers

Cheaper tickets:
8.00 euro

Price at the door: 20.00 euro

Saturday 26 10 2019

Los Ninos #65: Los Ninos x Mina

Cheaper tickets:
9.00 euro

Price at the door: 20.00 euro

Tuesday 31 12 2019

Les Bals #6: 2019..2020

Cheaper tickets:
11.00 euro

Price at the door: 25.00 euro




Priority: you pass the queue when we're hitting full capacity, sometimes there is even a second till for even quicker service

Cheaper: we start at a low price and increase as getting closer to the party. buy early

Not in 1 go: if you order more than one ticket you can still come in seperately

Easy: you can't loose your tickets because you don't get any. You can check what you bought by clicking the link "my tickets"

Lazy: you can get an sms / text message sent with the entry key so that you just show that at the entrance

Ecological: you don't need to print anything. Show your "my tickets" page, the confirmation email or sms at the entrance.

Give: you can order for someone else and give the entry key as a present

Sell it on: if you can't make it (ooh), sell your entry key (watch out, the entry key is per order and valid for ALL tickets of that order)

Cards: pay with Bancontact, PayPal and credit cards




Subscribe or if you already did, go to step 2


Indicate the quantity

Pay with PayPal, credit card or Bancontact.

You see your entry key on screen and receive a confirmation mail (no printing needed) or an sms on request.

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